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The purpose of the Uprobe project is to provide the community with an efficient means of experimental access to large-insert cloned DNA (ie, BAC clones) from the full spectrum of vertebrate genomes for which genomic BAC libraries are planned or are currently available. This is being accomplished by the development of "universal" hybridization-based probe resources that can be used to screen BAC libraries from groups of evolutionarily related species (i.e. clades) in order to isolate specific genes/regions of interest for genomic analyses. Toward this end, pre-computed whole-genome sets of universal probes designed for screening genomic libraries from all mammals , subsets of mammals: rodents , carnivores and marsupials , and birds/reptiles can be accessed via database queries (ie, chromosome position, gene name, and/or accession numbers). Custom BED track files for browsing the location of all the probes included in the pre-computed whole-genome probe sets via the UCSC genome browser can be downloaded here . "Universal" probes can also be generated on demand for screening clades of nonhuman primate genomic libraries: Apes & OWM, NWM, Simians, All Primates. In addition, "universal" probes can be custom designed from user provided DNA sequence alignments.

Whole-genome probe sets , related computer programs and experimental protocols can also be directly downloaded from this web site. To read more about the Uprobe project and specific probe sets, click here.

When citing the Uprobe website, please reference:
Kellner et al, Genome Research 15:166-173, 2005 or
Sullivan et al, Nucleic Acids Research 36:W149-W153, 2008.
The Uprobe web site has been made possible by grants from the NIH (R24RR022239 and U01MH068185).

Universal Probes (on demand)
Apes & OWM New World monkeys Simians All Primates
BAC Libraries BAC Libraries BAC Libraries BAC Libraries
Baboon Dusky Titi Baboon Baboon
Chimpanzee Marmoset Chimpanzee Black Lemur
Colobus Monkey Owl Monkey Colobus Monkey Chimpanzee
Gibbon Squirrel Monkey Dusky Titi Colobus Monkey
Gorilla Gibbon Dusky Titi
Human Gorilla Galago
Japanese Macaque Human Gibbon
Orangutan Japanese Macaque Gorilla
Rhesus Macaque Marmoset Human
Vervet Monkey Orangutan Japanese Macaque
Owl Monkey Marmoset
Rhesus Macaque Mouse Lemur
Squirrel Monkey Orangutan
Vervet Monkey Owl Monkey
Rhesus Macaque
Ring-tailed Lemur
Squirrel Monkey
Vervet Monkey
Universal Probes (pre-computed)
All Mammals Marsupials Carnivores Rodents Birds & Reptiles
BAC Libraries BAC Libraries BAC Libraries BAC Libraries BAC Libraries
Alpaca Bandicoot Cat 13-lined Ground Squirrel Alligator
Armadillo Opossum (Didelphis) Clouded Leopard Deer Mouse Budgerigar
Baboon Opossum (Monodelphis) Dog Guinea Pig California Condor
Bat (Horseshoe) Wallaby Ferret Mouse Chicken
Bat (Little Brown) Rat Emu
Bat (Flying fox) Vole Garter Snake
Cat Gila Monster
Chimpanzee Painted Turtle
Cow Side-blotched Lizard
Deer Mouse Tuatara
Dog Turkey
Dusky Titi White-throated sparrow
Echidna Zebra Finch
13-lined Ground Squirrel
Guinea Pig
Black Lemur
Mouse Lemur
Ring-tailed Lemur
Clouded Leopard
Japanese Macaque
Rhesus Macaque
Colobus Monkey
Owl Monkey
Squirrel Monkey
Vervet Monkey
Muntjac (Chinese)
Muntjac (Indian)
Opossum (Didelphis)
Opossum (Monodelphis)
European Common Shrew
Lesser Tree Shrew